National Association of Minority Government Contractors 
Acquistion Management Solutions Program (AMSP)
Program Initiation Services 

Everyone knows how exciting it is to win a federal contract, but there is a lot of work that needs to be accomplished post-award. In fact, there are numerous areas of responsibility associated with managing a program or contract.

Regardless of whether the program is large or small, there are always challenges to be addressed. We offer customized levels of service, tailored to the needs of our clients. We can help you successfully manage your programs and contracts, leading to customer satisfaction and strong performance.

Human Resource Support Services

Your success in hiring depends on much more than someone’s ability to collect resumes from on-line search engines. At NAMGC, we’re committed to improving our client’s quantity, quality and relevance of job candidates in order to recruit a more productive, motivated and enthusiastic workforce. In short, we’re committed to making an impact to your overall business success.


Program Growth and Development

Is your program achieving its maximum level of performance, we can work with you to help grow your program grow and make sure you are capturing all the opportunities available to your company.


Financial Services

Through our extended relationships with other financial institutions, we have the opportunity to refer you to Banking Specialist who can assist with:

Ø  Escrow Accounts

Ø  Small Business Loans specific to your business model


For more information and pricing for these services

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